Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Book launch

Since last so many days, I was talking of e-love, e-love. But what is e-love? What is story all about? So finally e-love* *Terms & Conditions applied is available online. Go buy the book and meet Ankit and Akshi. Read and enjoy the rollercoaster ride of teenage love, filled with twists, turns and ups and downs that protagonists face in current technology era. Also post your reviews about the book.  Happy reading




Thursday, 3 December 2015

first Excerpt from book: Statistics

All of my exams went well except for Statistics. I can’t understand the use of Statistics in commerce. Are we supposed to correlate the financial data with other non-financial data? Do Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss accounts have any kind of relation with other non-financial data? Why are people making commerce so tough, that itself is tough, at least for students like me, who buy the books just before a week of the examination?

If I ever become the education minister, putting a ban on Statistics would be on the top of my priority list. Currently I had no choice but to appear for that subject and irony didn’t end over here. I had to pay twenty thousand bucks for this stupid subject as I had to arrange a special tutor for the same. The things I could have done with that much money!

Moreover you can also visit for book information and for book teaser. Book is coming on December  15, 2015 and will  be available on and